Welcome to Last Chance Press!

There comes a time in every good publisher’s, editor’s and writer’s life when they throw their hands up in the air and say, “That’s it! I’ve had it!”

They are tired of the corporate rulers who are only interested in finding the next “Harry Potter,” the pseudo-intellectuals¬†only looking for the next Raymond Carver, and the trade politics that promote sycophantic insiders over talented editors and writers.

“That’s it! I’ve had it!” is the founding cry of the Last Chance Press. We are a small but hardy group from the publishing industry who are sick to death of the corporate-industrial publishing complex.¬†We love great writing with a plot, and we want to share it with the readers of the world who love great writing in all of its forms.

A good story is a good story. We won’t trap ourselves into being a publishing house that only does one thing. No. A cozy mystery that entertains us is as good as a great piece of investigative journalism written as literary fiction, which is as good as strong fantasy writing or compelling autobiographical creative nonfiction.

Crazier still. We think that the reading public appreciates good storytelling in all of its forms. You want to be entertained. You are curious about the world around you. You don’t mind taking a chance on a new author who is daring and different. You don’t necessarily need another teenage zombie adventure … but, if it is particularly clever, you are still open to the possibility.

Why? Because you are one of us. Welcome to a publishing world in which the rules have been tossed and where anything is possible.

Welcome to the Last Chance Press.

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