A Declaration of War

Author Nathaniel Cerf

Nathaniel Cerf

The first people to buy “Little Victories” must now be closing in on its conclusion. If I did my job well, you are upset, disturbed and angry at the children’s mental health system in America.

This is not the time to just accept the world as it is. Now that you know what is going on, get involved!

Helping is extremely easy! More than anything else, especially around budgeting times, your mental health and social service providers need advocates who will stand up for them. All it takes is a 30-second phone call to your state representatives from your district. They aren’t used to getting any calls about mental health and social service policy. If you and your friends start demanding changes and requesting additional funding, it will seem like a big deal and garner greater attention.

Mental health centers and social service providers often don’t get enough community support with the legislature to effect the changes that are needed. If the community starts speaking up, lawmakers will have to listen.

Mental health workers and social service providers desperately need your help. Reach out to them and learn more about the specific laws in your state. Every state is just a little different, but the basic premises in “Little Victories” hold true in all 50 states. Tell them you’ve read this book. Ask them what they want most to see changed in your state. Tell them you are willing to call or visit with your state reps and want to help present a more united front to support an agenda that better serves abused kids. They won’t turn away any offer for help.

Plus many of these groups and agencies are desperate for donations of food and clothing to help support kids in group homes and shelters. Gently used but good-quality toys are often in short supply.

Helping is easier than you think, and it will make a world of difference to the victims of abuse too young to escape and/or stand up for themselves without potentially fatal consequences.

Thank you.

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