‘Little Victories’ in Pulitzer Contention

We are very pleased to learn that Little Victories is being considered for the Pulitzer Prize in literature to be announced in April of 2017.

Nathaniel Cerf’s hard work to expose the ravages of the legal system and bureaucracy with which abused children and the people trying to help them must deal is an ideal candidate for the prestigious award. It is the type of truth-in-fiction journalism that would do many classic journalists proud. It certainly makes us proud.

There are many great books up for the prize this year. We are truly in honored company to be among them in consideration.

If you haven’t read Mr. Cerf’s novel, yet, or are just learning about it, Little Victories follows the life of a college grad working her first job in children’s mental health. Only minutes into her first day, she is deeply immersed in the difficulties of working with severely abused children who lash out and are seemingly unpredictable in their behaviors. Soon this young woman is wrestling with the legal system that is hell bent on not helping these kids the way the public is led to believe it will. The story is an emotional rollercoaster that begs for changes to the system while providing inspiration and hope through the extreme efforts of those in the system who still care enough to fight for the rights of child abuse victims.

Little Victories is available at bookstores and on Amazon.com, in print and on Kindle.

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